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I really thought I'd get around to making this post sooner...

The last post I uploaded here is the edit test I submitted when I was interviewing at global news agency Agence France-Presse.

That's from July 2023, a full six months ago now. Long story short, I got the job. Since mid-September I've been working in the data and graphics department of the agency, making data visualizations to illustrate daily news stories and slowly building out the infrastructure to take on more advanced data-driven investigations.

Here's the thing about AFP: the organization is a huge producer of news but not a publisher of news. Everything the agency produces is bought by secondary clients – other news organizations – to be published through their own channels. (That's why you might see an AFP photo credit on an image running in the New York Times, for example.)

That means I don't have direct links to most of the work I've produced in the past few months. It's been published – somewhere – but not directly by AFP.

So here are a few the things I've been working on. In the future I'll document the code behind some of the more complex visualizations; but for now, these are straightforward graphics meant to bring additional context to stories that the agency was reporting on.

They were made with a mixture of Python, R, and sometimes Adobe Illustrator's built-in graph tool. I have been working, I promise...

Funding Israel's missile defense

Gun permits

Fed funds rate

Presidents' ages

Executions by state

UNSC vetoes

Asylum claims

Saguaro climate

Mississippi grains

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