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2023-05-18Debt Collectors Want To Use AI Chatbots To Hustle People For MoneyVICE
2022-10-10COVID misinfo is the biggest challenge for Twitter’s Birdwatch program, data showsThe Verge
2022-10-05Seattle hacker gets probation for $250M Capital One data breachThe Verge
2022-09-23San Francisco police can now watch private surveillance cameras in real timeThe Verge
2022-09-16Uber’s hack shows the stubborn power of social engineeringThe Verge
2022-09-09LA school district was warned of ransomware threat before recent shutdownThe Verge
2022-08-30The security flaws that make Twitter’s insider threat so scaryThe Verge
2022-08-25The O․MG Elite cable is a scarily stealthy hacker toolThe Verge
2022-08-23Security pros are rallying to defend the Twitter whistleblowerThe Verge
2022-08-18Def Con banned a social engineering star — now he’s suingThe Verge
2022-08-16The new USB rubber ducky is more dangerous than everThe Verge
2022-08-15The Zoom installer let a researcher hack his way to root access on macOSThe Verge
2022-08-11This Mac hacker’s code is so good, corporations keep stealing itThe Verge
2022-07-29NJ police used baby DNA to investigate crimes, lawsuit claimsThe Verge
2022-07-22A small Canadian town is being extorted by a global ransomware gangThe Verge
2022-07-12Hunter Biden phone hack claims test platforms’ misinformation policiesThe Verge
2022-07-01Powerful keyword warrants face new challenge in deadly arson caseThe Verge
2022-06-21A legal challenge over crypto reporting could strike down decades-old anti-money laundering lawsThe Verge
2022-06-10Firefox and Chrome are squaring off over ad-blocker extensionsThe Verge
2022-06-01China-linked hackers are exploiting a new vulnerability in Microsoft OfficeThe Verge
2022-05-31After Uvalde, social media monitoring apps struggle to justify surveillanceThe Verge
2022-04-22They’ve leaked terabytes of Russian emails, but who’s reading?The Verge
2022-04-27Conservative Twitter accounts got boost in followers after Musk acquisition, data showsThe Verge
2022-04-12A series of patent lawsuits is challenging the history of malware detectionThe Verge
2022-04-11Explaining crypto's billion-dollar bridge problemThe Verge
2022-03-21After ‘protestware’ attacks, a Russian bank has advised clients to stop updating software The Verge
2022-03-11In Ukraine, hacktivists fight back with data leaksThe Verge
2022-02-23Twitter accounts sharing videos from Ukraine are being suspended when they're needed mostThe Verge
2022-02-11Feds are still using to scan your face — and human reviewers can’t keep upThe Verge
2022-02-05FBI used geofence warrant in Seattle after BLM protest attack, new documents show The Verge
2022-01-07Discord hacking is the newest threat for NFT buyersThe Verge
2021-08-10How The Daily Wire Uses Facebook’s Targeted Advertising to Build Its BrandThe Markup
2021-06-24After Repeatedly Promising Not to, Facebook Keeps Recommending Political Groups to Its UsersThe Markup
2021-05-20Facebook Said It Would Stop Recommending Anti-Vaccine Groups. It Didn’tThe Markup
2021-04-29Credit Card Ads Were Targeted by Age, Violating Facebook’s Anti-DiscriminationPolicyThe Markup
2021-03-04Official Information About COVID-19 Is Reaching Fewer Black People on FacebookThe Markup
2021-01-05In Georgia, Facebook’s Changes Brought Back a Partisan News FeedThe Markup
2019-12-05Scientists Are Contemplating a 1,000-Year Space Mission to Save HumanityOneZero
2019-10-16STREAMED | With its deep vaults, Disney takes the fight to NetflixBreaker
2019-10-01STREAMED | As global music streaming grows, who’s listening to Africa?Breaker
2019-09-19STREAMED | Apple TV: It’s the Ecosystem, StupidBreaker
2019-09-12STREAMED | Tearing Down SpotifyBreaker
2019-08-29Alabama's Prisons Are the Most Crowded—If You Look at the Right DataThe Appeal
2019-04-04How Mesh Networks and Crypto Can Fill the Rural Broadband GapBreakerMag
2019-02-27For Social Network Cent, Cash Rewards Come at a PriceBreakerMag
2019-01-14Torrent Malware Injects Code into Web Pages to Phish CryptoBreakerMag
2018-12-18BitTorrent Founder Bram Cohen Wants A Greener CryptoBreakerMag
2018-12-13We Tested Opera’s New Web 3.0 Mobile Browser (and Liked It)BreakerMag
2018-11-30How the Airbnb of Data Storage Plans to Take on Amazon S3BreakerMag
2018-11-20The Bitcoin Cash Hash War, By the NumbersBreakerMag
2018-10-27The Decentralized Web Explained (in Words You Can Understand)BreakerMag
2018-10-25We Asked Crypto News Outlets If They’d Take Money to Cover a Project. More Than Half Said YesBreakerMag
2018-10-24The Battle Over Europe’s AirHowWeGetToNext
2018-09-17The Authors of 'Blockchain and the Law' Want You to Rethink the InternetBreakerMag
2018-08-15The U.N.’s Powerful New Way To Aid RefugeesBreakerMag
2018-07-19'Inspector Gadget': How drones are saving
2018-07-11These Are Your Senses on DrugsMedium
2018-06-19This Programmer Scraped LinkedIn to Find People Who Work at ICEMotherboard
2018-06-01The Government Wants Your Medical DataThe Outline
2018-03-23Cryptocurrency Companies Are Rushing to Gobble up Canada's Cheap ElectricityGizmodo Earther
2018-03-14The Mobile Revolution Will Be MonetizedAdAge
2018-01-22The Dystopic Leftist Youth of Reddit and FacebookMedium
2017-10-02The Safe Way to Build a Smart CityCityLab
2017-09-26Who Gets To Be Perfect?HowWeGetToNext
2017-07-26How Witchcraft Became A BrandBuzzFeed
2017-07-13A New Browser Is Making Peer-to-Peer Web Hosting More User-FriendlyMotherboard
2017-06-01How 4Chan's Structure Creates a 'Survival of the Fittest' for MemesMotherboard
2017-05-31The Creator of JavaScript Just Launched a Cryptocurrency to Improve Online AdsMotherboard
2017-05-23Why Elon Musk’s Tunnel System Can’t Solve Congestion in LAMotherboard
2017-05-02Advertisers Are Racing to Understand the Meaning Behind Your Social Media PostsMotherboard
2017-03-31Orlando Wants to Conquer The Public's Fear of Self-Driving CarsMotherboard
2017-03-10The Hidden Systems at Work Behind GentrificationMotherboard
2017-03-01How Self-Driving Cars Could Protect Minority DriversMotherboard
2017-01-27Meme Collectors Are Using the Blockchain to Keep Rare Pepes RareMotherboard
2017-01-19Drivers Use Tesla Autopilot at Their Own Risk, Investigators ConcludeMotherboard
2017-01-13The Web DividedHowWeGetToNext
2017-01-13Google Squashed a Chrome Extension that Flooded Ad Networks With DisinformationMotherboard
2017-01-10The Mine of the Future Is Run by DronesMotherboard
2016-12-14The DDoS vigilantes trying to silence Black Lives MatterArs Technica
2016-12-11Why Bitcoin’s Remittance Disruption Slowed to a CrawlCoinDesk
2016-12-09You Should Be Able to Use Tesla's Self-Driving Mode to Make MoneyMotherboard
2016-11-19How South Africa’s ‘Shark Tank’ Saw its First Bitcoin InvestmentCoinDesk
2016-10-30Making Sense of Hillary Clinton’s Bitcoin RejectionCoinDesk
2016-10-08Live Free or Mine: How Libertarians Fell in Love With BitcoinCoinDesk
2016-08-29How Banks Make It Difficult for Trans CustomersVICE Canada
2016-08-18Steemit Is Like Reddit, But Where Upvotes Equal a Cryptocurrency PayoutMotherboard
2016-07-22Toronto’s Sports Teams Are HyperrealHowWeGetToNext
2016-06-25Go on a ‘ Trip’ and Cure Your DepressionHowWeGetToNext
2016-05-31Why Arson Is So Common in MiddlesbroughVICE UK
2016-05-19No one can stop teenagers from watching porn – not even David CameronThe Independent
2016-04-12The Rebirth of the City-StateHowWeGetToNext
2016-03-30Crimes Across the UK: Why Burglary Is So Common in LeedsVICE UK
2016-03-29Iran’s ‘National Internet’ Offers Connectivity at the Cost of CensorshipMotherboard
2016-02-04How Full-Time Airbnb Landlords Are Making the Housing Crisis Even WorseVICE UK
2015-01-23A New Form of ID Allows You to Be a Citizen of the WorldVICE UK
2014-08-13Teenage Thieves, Fence Hoppers and Smuggled Drugs: On Patrol with Security at Boomtown FestivalVICE UK
2014-05-07Kenyan sex workers using HIV drugs instead of condomsThe Guardian
2014-05-06Care in Kenya: Behind the scenesNew Internationalist
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